Human Resource: Talent Distribution Hub

By Dachang Zhang

Human Resource Department is responsible for human resource related works, including organizational planning, volunteer recruitment, training, assessment, care and cultural construction. It sets several groups for management, recruitment, care, training, assessment, development planning and management of Chinese volunteer group.

1. Develop plans on human resources based on Shin Shin actual situation and development strategy;
2. Develop annual objectives and work plan, execute after approval.
3. Develop overall human resources policies and procedures, volunteers’ personnel management system, special payment systems, personnel records management system, volunteering manuals, training programs and other rules and regulations.
4. Assist in managing other deparments architecture, determining various departments and personnel job responsibilities.
5. Participate in board decision-making on major issues.
6. Develop recruitment plan and organize recruiting regarding departments human resource needs.
7. Develop training plans and train volunteers.
8. Perform volunteer census, performance assessment and evaluation, allocat staffs according to the needs of departments and volunteers’ interest and expertise.
9. Approve special payments to volunteers, report to president, pay to volunteers after approval.
10. Care about volunteers, organize recreational activities.
11. Promote team building, advocacy Shin Shin culture.
12. In charge of China’s Shin Shin human resources management.