Improving the Dreams of Tomorrow

Quality Education for Every Child, One School at a Time.

Some children in rural China walk several hours through rugged mountain to go to school each day. They enter the classroom that has become unsafe and leaking. Four children share a desk, and sometimes not even a stool. Six children together are reading one worn and outdated textbook. Children bundled up in thick jackets, studying inside the broken walls without heating. Deprived of a supportive learning environment, these children are behind others of their age. As a result, the children cannot reach their full potential and ultimately are unable to contribute back to their communities.

broken_roof_cropped We at Shin Shin are touched by these circumstances, determined to change the fate of these children. Our mission is to provide resources, long term care, love and services to construct or renovate elementary schools in the remote, rural and despondent regions of China. Our vision is to improve their learning environment, and therefore to promote balanced development of urban and rural education in China.

Since 1997, Shin Shin has rebuilt or renovated 338 schools in areas where the average household income is less than US $1 a day . 350,000 students have been studying in new classrooms and clean, safe schools. Shin Shin believes that education is the only way for those children to get out of poverty, and the best way to reach for a better future.

Quality education and a positive learning environment are rights every child should have. We hope to expand Shin Shin’s educational initiatives in teacher training, literacy program, and E-learning. Our dream is to give all children the opportunity to have their own books and to access computers and the Internet; to provide training to each teacher on a regular basis to improve their teaching skills. We also hope to collaborate more with local universities in China to encourage students spread awareness of Shin Shin’s mission, and involved more organizations to support rural education. These college students will become the seeds of Shin Shin’s spirit by visiting rural schools, interacting with children, teaching expertise and skills, and serving as role models. We believe that Shin Shin will continue to help rural children grow to be caring, intelligent, and compassionate people, who will be the pillars of future society and create a better world.