Shin Shin is very thankful for the partnerships with other organizations, government agencies, and universities to pursuit our mission. Their support has always been a tremendous force behind each accomplishment.

We sincerely thank Rotary Club of Cupertino for their continuous commitment and contribution to “One Book Per Child” literacy program. We also thank the Rotary Clubs of Shanghai and Beijing, our Host Rotary partners who have helped Shin Shin monitor the project status closely in China.

Shin Shin’s partnerships with Evergreen Foundation, Soar Foundation, PLCT (Plus Charitable Trust), Standford Asian Liver Center, Synaptics Inc., and many universities and colleges, made a great difference in library project, scholarship program, ECTT (English and Computer Teacher Training), university outreach programs, computer lab project, students health care education, and school visits etc. We thank them for their collaborations and efforts!

Finally, our special thanks to Overseas Chinese Affairs Offices and Ministry of Education Offices at all levels! Without their assistance and coordination, Shin Shin could never implement any projects smoothly and effectively.

We look forward to collaboration opportunities with more organizations in the States or in China, to strengthen our educational programs and reach our common goals!