Thanks for your support!

Shin Shin is very grateful for the community and the government’s support, and is deeply thankful for the generosity of donors, dedication of volunteers, close cooperation of partner organizations and institutions, and many enthusiastic international friends. Your support is the driving force behind Shin Shin’s operation!

Shin Shin volunteers hold a belief to never give up, and a courage to face all challenges. They detect problems in time and take immediate actions. Year by year, Shin Shin’s projects gradually matured, and these experiences that were accumulated over the years, have produced more positive results, and further strengthened the implementation of the strategy, hoping to benefit more students and teachers in remote areas.

We will not stop at what has been achieved, but will face the emerging difficulties and challenges, and continue our efforts, collaborating closely with the Overseas Chinese Affair Offices and related government agencies at all levels, educational institutions/universities, and partner charitable organizations, thriving to be a driving force and an example in educational development in China’s remote poverty-stricken mountainous areas, and attracting more overseas Chinese and people of good will in mainstream society to get involved.

We believe:

Show a little compassion towards education, and children will benefit forever;
Give children an opportunity, and they can strive for a brighter future;
It takes ten years to grow a tree, but hundred years to educate a person;
Every pass shall leave footprints;
Unity is strength, which will lead to prosperity;
Every effort shall have an impact;
The future generations will become better than before.