Thank you for getting involved!

Greatly appreciate the diligent work of the Shin Shin volunteer teams in China and U.S, and the efficient cooperation of local governments and NGOs.

For a long time, Shin Shin aimed at narrowing the gap between urban and rural education, and helping poor rural schools. Shin Shin has been highly recognized and strongly supported by the San Francisco Bay area’s people and government. Based on the Bay Area of San Francisco, Shin Shin has been able to operate efficiently through the diligent work of volunteer teams in both China and the United States and cooperation with local governments and civil society organizations. Improving communication and strengthening the relationship among Shin Shin’s headquarters, volunteers, schools, and partners will help people understand Shin Shin and what we do, create a better environment, and lay a solid foundation for future work.

Since 2009, Shin Shin has joined several mainstream online communities. We look forward to reaching out to more people and building strong relationships with our volunteers, partners, donors, sponsors and supporters. In 2016, Shin Shin released the first issue of Shin Shin Magazine, and launched the official Weibo in April and the official WeChat in May. Please follow Shin Shin’s media communities, and leave any questions, comments, feedback and suggestions!