Information Technology Department: Carrier for Information Exchange

By Jian He

Information Technology Department supports Shin Shin for information technology infrastructure, official web site construction and maintenance works.

1. Propose network information management planning and implementation in accordance with Shin Shin strategic needs;
2. Promote internationalization for Shin Shin internal management, and build information network system;
3. Manage and maintain Shin Shin network information system, security system, data security system and daily operation;
4. Provide technical support for network, information and application software.

At present following information systems are in using:

1. Shin Shin official web site.
2. School Project Management system (SPM).
This system is designed by IT department according to various departments’ needs, and developed by third-party. It’s features include school data recording and displaying, project process management, volunteer exchange and so on.
3. Cloud service, mail system and application software offered by professional providers.