School Contact Department: Navigation System for Organization Operation

By Yiqing Yang

The School Contact Department is responsible for communication and exchanges with Shin Shin schools, and assist in project deployments and executions, so it builds bridges between Shin Shin and schools. It is also responsible for collecting data of Shin Shin school areas, investigating and evaluating Shin Shin schools, in order to provide a basis for planning of subsequent contribution projects.

This department is combined of following functional groups:
1. School Contact Group: Contact Shin Shin schools, introduce new projects to schools, and assist schools in applying for proposed projects; notifying and urging schools to complete surveys required by Shin Shin; understand schools’ changes and demands.
This group is managed in 3 levels, large district, provincial and school respectively. The country is divided into five major districts: northwest, northeast, central, southwest and east. Each province has a representative, and setup some school contact specialists.
Northwest: 5 provinces, 74 schools: Xinjiang(6), Qinghai (15), Gansu (27), Ningxia (10), Shaanxi (16).
Southwest: 7 provinces, 67 schools: Xizang (1), Sichuan (31), Chongqing (5), Guizhou (11), Yunnan (7), Guangxi (10), Hainan (1).
Northeast: 5 provinces, 68 schools: Heilongjiang (12), Jilin (9), Liaoning (22), Inner Mongolia (6), Shanxi (19).
Central: 3 provinces, 78 schools: Hunan (60), Jiangxi (12), Fujian (6).
Eastern: 5 provinces, 53 schools: Shandong (13), Henan (7), Hubei (13), Jiangsu (4), Anhui (16).

2. Project Assistant Group: assist schools in completing projects provided Shin Shin School Development Department, from application, review to implementation process. It is responsible for follow-up jobs, including collecting material, photos and usage reports.

3. School Assessment Group: Responsible for survey and evaluation of Shin Shin schools.
Shin Shin school year 2016 census was started in early March. The census is very critical, mainly including changes since school build up, recent needs and planning. This group does statistical analysis, to understand what are needed for different type of schools, what’s the demand focus on various development stages. The census results will also provide important information for Shin Shin formulating development direction and project planning.

4. SPM (School Project Management) Group: Responsible for providing school websites, project application and relevant web content requirements and test running, co-authors system training and operational guidelines composing, help the needy members of the contact group to complete SPM operation tasks.