School Development Department: the Engine for Optimizing Educational Resources

By Weiping Liu

Since 2016, Shin Shin Educational Foundation integrated some individual project teams and build up school development department. The main objective of this department is gradually improving Shin Shin schools’ hardware conditions, and making a better external environment so as to improve education qualities. At present the projects this department manages include establishment of new schools, facility improvement, books project, e-learning facilities, as well as various donations together with other organizations. Right now School Development Department has following groups:

1. New School Construction Group
New Shin Shin schools are built up by a two-way choice:
(1) Looking for schools according to donations, that is choosing right schools regarding donors’ requests;
(2) Search for donations according to schools. Collect schools which request for help, and then send the list to persons or groups which want to donate.
Target schools are always elementary schools in remote poor areas.

2. Facility Improvement Group
Tasks include:
(1) teaching environment: gates, fences, playgrounds, toilets, doors, windows, roof and office equipment;
(2) life facilities: water, dining table, cooking utensils and accommodation;
(3) teaching facilities: music, sports, art equipment, and children activity facilities.
Target schools emphasis on poverty schools in remote areas, particularly non-central elementary schools.

3. Electronic teaching equipment
Responsible for providing network terminal equipments, teaching projectors, electric whiteboards, portable personal computers and so on.

4. Book Project
Aims for establishing book corner in each class of Shin Shin schools, providing sufficient books. At present this group is cooperating with Guanghua Foundation, providing books to schools. All the books will be updated in every 3-5 years. In addition to books, this group also supports reading room and/or reading corner, ordering book shelves and tables from specific manufacturers. We have volunteers with professional expertise to select and order books for rural children. After schools’ confirmation, all books are shipped directly to the schools.

5. Sails cooperation projects
Now Shin Shin cooperates with Sina Sails group, donate books, art and sport utilities and aircraft models for schools which applied for donation. The schools should submit the necessary materials for online display, and sign contracts with Sina Sails group in name of Shin Shin school. The schools should report their requests to Sina Sails web pages. Once approved, they will receive donated items at least twice. Shin Shin Educational Foundation encourages all schools to submit applications for the web donations.