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Founded in 2015 by high schoolers in San Francisco Bay area, California, the Shin Shin Youth Group helped facilitating and recruiting talent for a Spring talent show Fundraising event and running children’s performances for Shin Shin Educational Foundation’s annual events.


Shin Shin Youth Group gives students ages 12 and up the chance to utilize their talents, abilities and leadership to serve the local community and help Shin Shin Educational Foundation in fulfilling its mission.


1. Local community service
2. Shin Shin international programs
3. Publicization of Shin Shin Educational Foundation


1. Each Youth Group member need to pay an annual fee of 20 dollars
2. Shin Shin Youth Group meets once a month
At the monthly meeting, members must report their work and submit a volunteer hour form. The accumulation of such could potentially qualify members for the President’s Volunteers Service Award, in addition to a recommendation letter from Shin Shin Educational Foundation.

Applicants will be subjected to a three-month trial period before it is decided whether or not they can become official members.

Members are required to be: passionate towards social service, responsible and reliable, able to work well both independently and in groups. During outside volunteering expeditions, youth group members need to be an adequate representation of Shin Shin: modest, honest, hardworking, respectful and polite.


Shin Shin Youth Group belongs to and is sponsored by Shin Shin Educational Foundation. Shin Shin Educational Foundation is striving to provide young people with the chance to develop leadership skills, make local and international connections and contributions. Shin Shin Educational Foundation assign advisers to join Youth Group’s meetings and activities giving advices and other help.

President: responsible for guiding the organization, setting future goals, leading the officer team, holding monthly meeting and votes. The leader of each department will report to the president.

Event and Program Department: responsible for coordinating, organizing and managing all events and programs. Each event/program should have a team direct execution.

IT Department: responsible for ensuring that all technology required are ready and run smoothly during events. Maintaining and updating the website when necessary is also expected.

News and Press Department:responsible for publicizing new events and programs and updating the public on progresses.

Public Relations Department: responsible for aiding the Event and Program department,contacting other organizations, and aiding the News and Press department in publicization.

HR: Responsible for recruiting, training, and writing performance reviews for volunteers. Also responsible for and organizing volunteer hour forms.

Secretary: responsible for coordinating meeting times, taking meeting minutes and sending them to other group members and advisors.

Treasurer: responsible for finances



Visit the website above for applications.