Education Program Department: Education and Training Incubator

By Qing Bai

Education Program Department is responsible for projects related with education and teaching, including teacher training, school principal training, education exchange platform, electrical education and school activities.

1. Teacher Training: Train teachers to promote their qualities, effectively improve rural elementary schools education. Currently, Shin Shin cooperates with professional Normal Universities and sets three training centers, offers a variety of teacher training programs including remote training and summer training.
2. Principal Training: By cooperating with professional institutions, train school principals on quality, management and teaching, to improve their work and leadership abilities.
3. Educational Exchange Platform: Provide a convenient and efficient method for teachers exchanging their skills, answering questions and acquiring materials, and also let us keep aware of their teaching standards, and finding what Shin Shin can help.
4. Electrical Teaching: In order to improve education quality and teaching efficiency, Shin Shin takes much efforts to promote electrical teaching for donated schools.
5. School Activities: Shin Shin carries out activities or projects for training student qualities, start from STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, Math), combining Shin Shin spirit, cultivate students comprehensive quality and social responsibility. Now we have various activities, such monthly reading, painting, innovation, pen pal between Chinese and United States, online exchanges and so on.