Public Relations Department: build bridges via cooperation and collaboration

By Yan Liu

The bases of Shin Shin public relations department are original outreach group and activity group. It combines newly established media advocacy group, magazine editorial department and information group. Mission of this department includes three aspects:

1. Build up Shin Shin brand and establish a public image. Further strengthen Shin Shin tradition, encourage innovation, advance with the times, carefully build the most effective and qualified way for helping students, expand Shin Shin brand awareness, and spread Shin Shin volunteers’ image on hard working, effective and self-discipline.

2. Carefully explain and spread Shin Shin overall strategies. Closely support Shin Shin overall strategies and projects, widely spread and promote the strategies via media reports and organized activities, make more people know about Shin Shin and what Shin Shin is doing, so as to help Shin Shin get more support.

3. Strengthen horizontal linkages, expand cooperation channels. Strengthen communications with various partners, media and government agencies, integrate  various resources, promote cooperation and progress.
This department consists of five groups:

1. Liaison group. Its main duties include:
(1) Maintain friendly relations with relevant NGOs, alumni associations, fellow associations, companies and persons. Build a good communication platform, promote exchanges, resources sharing, mutual benefit and reciprocity.
(2) Expand exchanges with existing institutions and organizations, explore potential further cooperation.
(3) Establish, maintain and strengthen the relationship with Chinese government agencies, make them understand Shin Shin status and the development trends. And also help Shin Shin understand Chinese situation and related policies, establish mutual trust mechanism, support each other, and achieve win-win situation.

2. Activity Group. The main task is organizing regular or irregular activities according to Shin Shin overall strategies and project requirements. The activities include:
(1) Outdoor picnic in June every year. This is Shin Shin’s internal recreational activity, aiming to strengthen contacts among Shin Shin volunteers and their families, promote exchanges with individual donors, and also build relationship with potential donors and volunteers.
(2) Year-end fundraising meeting. This is Shin Shin’s most important annual fund-raising activity, in which reports year achievements and development plan for the coming year, appreciates donors and volunteers for their contributions, and to raise funds.
(3) Hold other events time to time, according to the actual needs.
(4) Prepare materials and gifts for various events.

3. Media advocacy group. The main responsibilities are: support Shin Shin strategies and projects requirements, release news, provide information for website and self-media, promote understanding between Shin Shin and society, Shin Shin and aided schools, and Shin Shin’s departments. The activities include:
(1) Hold press conferences for Shin Shin events, provide manuscripts for medias;
(2) Update Shin Shin official website contents;
(3) Content distribution and management for Shin Shin self-medias (Twitter, Wechat, Facebook, etc.);
(4) Edit, print and distribute Shin Shin propaganda materials.

4. Shin Shin magazine. As the connection between Shin Shin schools, volunteers, donors, partners, and the public, the magazine reports Shin Shin status, achievements, outstanding leaders, volunteers, donors, cooperative organizations, visited schools. It builds a communication platform between school students, teachers and principals. Currently it is a quarterly print with paper and soft versions.

5. Information group. Main duties are: collect Shin Shin documents, audio and vedio materials, establish database for other departments. The activities include:
(1) Collect, collate and archive text information, such as media reports, Shin Shin promotional materials (include annual reports and magazines) working papers (include monthly meeting record and visit reports);
(2) Translate necessary text materials into English;
(3) Arrange photo and video recording for Shin Shin events in San Francisco bay area, make promotional and report videos;
(4) Contact responsible persons for Shin Shin events in other regions; collect, collate and store related materials.