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coke2book$100 ($2/week): By consuming 2 less soda from the vending machine per week, your donation of $100 can buy 30 books for underprivileged kids in rural China.

$100 ($2/week):
By reducing one fast food meal per week, your donation of $250 will help purchase 10 sets of desks and chairs for underprivileged kids.

box2pc$500 ($10/week): By bringing lunch box to work instead of going out for lunch in a restaurant, your contribution of $500 can buy a computer for underprivileged kids.

If you would like to specify which program to support, please select below (default is “Any Program”)

PayPal charges processing fee, so we recommend you to write a check payable to Shin Shin Educational Foundation for large donations (Check donation instructions). Please enter notes on the PayPal page for more detailed descriptions for your donation.


  1.   Sponsors cannot change the donation purpose after 12 months donation made.
  2.   Your donations are tax deductible. Tax Exempt ID: #77-0524748.
  3.   If the designated contribution has unused balance after 5 years, the remaining balance will transfer to General Follow-up Fund managed by Shin Shin Educational Foundation.
  4.   After you made your donation to Shin Shin, please find out if your company offers matching donations for Shin Shin. The impact of your donation will be maximized through the matching program.
  5.   Donation can be made in check or any marketable securities, such as stocks, bonds or mutual funds.

It takes ten years to grow trees, but a hundred to rear people. Together, we thrive.