Keynote Speaker: Dr. Sheng Liu 劉聖博士
Co-Founder and CEO, InnoLight Technology, Suzhou, China
– 中國蘇州旭創科技有限公司創辦人,CEO
– 清華企業家協會副會長,長三角分會主席
– 北京向榮公益基金會發起人,美國欣欣教育基金會理事
– 畢業清華,留美博士,矽谷高科技企業多年,2008年蘇州創業
– “A Journey of a Highly Successful Entrepreneur
To Passionately Involved in Rural Education ” (一位年輕成功企業家積極投身於鄉村教育的心路歷程)

When: Saturday, August 26th, 11:00-3:00PM

Where: Saratoga Country Club, 21990 Prospect Rd, Saratoga, CA 95070

Admission: $300 Reservation required. Each ticket represents a $200 charitable donation after deducting $100 as fair market value for meals/services provided.

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Attire: business casual