Many things are in a state of suspension due to the pandemic, but Shin Shin Educational Foundation’s fundraising efforts for students in need have not stopped! Shin Shin Foundation launched the “Walk for Love” event, calling on everyone to walk and exercise from October 9th to 11th. It is a great way of getting more exercise while promoting Shin Shin and raising funds for Shin Shin at the same time.


Volunteers responded to the call with great enthusiasm, setting goals for walking and fundraising. Ms. Yiqing Yang, the president of the foundation, set a goal of walking 10 miles in three days. Everyone put on Shin Shin T-shirts, started walking around their homes, and sent in photos to encourage each other.


Mrs. and Mr. Steve Ding, chairman of the Shin Shin Foundation’s board, walked with their young granddaughters.


A new volunteer, Wang Hongmei, does not have a Shin Shin T-shirt. But she was particularly active in participating in the event. In order to promote Shin Shin, she was creative. She drew her own logo for Shin Shin, and carried with her to promote Shin Shin while walking.


On Sunday, the volunteer team in South Bay also walked together in a park. Most of the volunteers met each other for the first time this year. Everyone wore masks, sunglasses, and hats. It was hard to recognize each other by faces, but the logo on Shin Shin T-shirts helped them to find each other right away. Everyone kept a social distance, walking, smiling, and chatting. “We are from different places of the world. We came together for a common goal. — Raising funds for students in need and supporting Shin Shin!”


Volunteer leaders from various cabinets came, and some brought their kids. The event attracted about 25 people to participate, and the donations received exceeded the event’s fundraising goal of $2000. The 3-day “Walk for Love” event concluded successfully! A principal from Shin Shin school in Guizhou said with emotion after seeing the photos sent by the president of Yiqing Yang: Fundraising is not easy, and the love of volunteers is more precious. We, in Shin Shin Schools, will not forget this kindness, and we will work hard to live up to the Shin Shin people’s support!! Nothing can stop Shin Shin from spreading love and making difference! Cheers, Shin Shin!