The Shin Shin Children Youth Choir was founded in March 2015, organized by children from California San Francisco Bay Area. All of the members are children, ranging from conductors, piano accompaniments to choir. All children worked with full enthusiasm and contributed to Shin Shin Educational Foundation’s “Youth Dream Fundraising Concert”, in April 2015. During the “Passing the Torch” annual fundraising event, they performed very touching choral works,”hope”, “You raise me up”, etc. The fundraising event made a significant contribution to remote poverty-stricken areas of China .

Our choir plans to organize more performances in the future, so that the children in choir together can learn to sing good songs, spread love, and have more opportunities to help others. Thanks to the children and parents of the choir for their continued support!

Here is an event that will be held on December 10 in Cupertino Quinlan Community Center for Shin Shin’s annual fundraising, inviting children and adolescents to Shin Shin Choir and perform an opening act. They planned the performances of two Chinese songs, “Lupin” and an English Christmas song. The performance time will be roughly 15 minutes, rehearsals will start from November 4 to December 2, every Friday at 7:00 pm, and rehearsals last about 1 to 1.5 hours. For Thanksgiving holiday week (Nov. 25), we will not hold rehearsals, so there will be a total of four rehearsals. Depending on whether they need to rehearse prior to the final performance on December 10, we will notice you later.

Shin Shin promotes the balanced development of children, hoping to help the children by bringing to schools musical art creation, sports, and other rich curriculum. We also want to focus on mental health of the large number of children who are left behind inside the school, in the hope that they will grow up happily. The song “Lupin,” is the theme song from the movie of the same name, telling the story of a villager who loves to paint children’s stories. This would bring people’s attention to talented rural children. Parents, please send emails as soon as possible to inform if your child is going to participate or not. Since the rehearsal times are shortening , we hope parents can teach their children at home beforehand to learn the song’s lyrics. Thank you very much!

If other children outside Shin Shin members’ families are interested in participating in Shin Shin Children Youth Choir, please forward this document to their parents. The registration form is attached to the back, we welcome more children to participate in this special event! Shin Shin Educational Foundation will celebrate her 20th anniversary next year, and we are preparing for grand performances, so stay tuned for further updates.

Shin Shin Children’s Choir Registration Form