Recruiting Notice for Shin Shin Children Choir

Shin Shin Children Choir

Shin Shin Children Choir is established and begins recruiting! In the world of Shin Shin, full of public welfare, charity and love. Now the world is full of angels with music wings. They enjoy singing, happy to grow, and happy to do public welfare!

Shin Shin Children Choir in performance

Since the first temporary inception in 2014, Shin Shin Children Choir has participated in Shin Shin annual meetings and 2015 “Dream Youth” large fundraising charity performance. The children’s lovely chorus made profound impression to audience, so as to become Shin Shin’s reserved program. January 21, 2017, 30 children participated in the 3rd Panda Art Festival. They wore ethnic minority costumes, singing the Panda Art Festival theme song “Panda Song”, and received the Festival gold award. The choir was also invited to participate in a series of cultural activities in collaboration with various art groups in the Bay Area. In October, the choir will also perform for Shin Shin 20th anniversary celebration. In order to develop the choir better, and allow the children to learn chorus and grow up systematically, we decided to formally establish the Children Choir, and make it as a long-term choral group. We will have classes every week, teach children chorus. There are many high-quality performance opportunities for the children to display their capabilities, and participate in public welfare.

Shin Shin Children Choir

Shin Shin Children Choir will be an angel group for spreading Chinese and American culture, a love group for public welfare activities, and a star group on art stages. Hurry up to register!

Required age: 7-12 years old.
Personality requirements: love to sing, show, stage. Cheerful, have certain Chinese basis (need to sing Chinese songs, you will have apportunity to learn Chinese here)
Rehearsal time: every Friday 7:00pm – 8:30pm (the first semester from 2/3 to 6/2, excluding 2/17, 4/14, 5/26 as holidays, totally 15 classes)
Rehearsal Location: Sofia University, Auditorium, buliding 1059, 1069 E Meadow Cir, Palo Alto, CA 94303

Training teacher: Eric Liu, the children’s and parents who love the Shin Shin Children’s Choir command. He has a wealth of experience in the choir command, guide a number of choral groups, under the command of more than music, 2013 Won the National Choir Director Award (National Choir Director Award). In particular, he knows the children’s psychology, good organization to lead the children to learn, is a love of music, love children, love the public good young people.

Training content: 90 minutes lesson: 15 minutes vocal music singing skills, 15 minutes to read spectrums, 30 minutes to learn singing songs, 10 minutes break, 20 minutes rehearsal.

** In addition, we will invite art teachers to share their experiences on growth in learning musics and instruments.

Registration fee: $20

Training fee: $180 (15 lessons)

(Since we are nonprofitable organization, the fee is only used to cover site rentals, teachers and accompaniment fees, and a small fee for activities. Check payable to: SSEF)

Registration: Please come to the choir on Friday, February 3rd
7:00pm – 7:30pm public trial.
7:30pm – 8:30pm Audition & Registration.
If you can not come to the trial class and audition on February 3rd, please make a audio record with 1 minute self-introduction, 1 minute cappella song clip and 1 minute cappella Chinese song clip, send to
We will inform all parents whose children are enrolled by February 8th. The official rehearsal will begin from February 10 and will be held at 7:00 pm – 8:30 pm every Friday night.
For details please join into Shin Shin Choir WeChat group by scanning the following two-dimensional code.

Shin Shin Children Choir WetChat group

About conductor Edic Liu:
Eric Liu serves as the Choral Director for Shin Shin Youth Foundation. He is an enthusiastic music student pursuing a Bachelors of Music Degree in Choral Conducting and Music Education at San Jose State University. He has conducted numerous choirs in the Bay Area including Monta Vista Variations, Bella Voce, Esperanza Choir, Tzu Chi Choir, Zhi Yin Adult Choir, San Jose State Choirs, Crystal Children’s Choir and many more. He has studied with various conductors including Dr. Charlene Archibeque, Dr. Jeffrey Benson, Dr. Jeffery Redding. He is an active member of ACDA (American Choral Director Association) and NAFME (National Association for Music Education and is a huge advocate of choral arts. In 2013, he received a Nationals Choir Directors Award, a prestige award for the dedication and musical achievement of a choral conductor. He also has been show cased on SF China Press, World News Journal, KTSF, World Journal, and SingTao Daily. He currently has a Music Studio where he teaches many instruments(Violin, Piano, Voice) to others in the Bay Area.
“I believe music in itself is healing. No matter what culture we are from, everyone knows and enjoys music. I have seen what music can do for people, and it has fueled my passion for my work and inspired me to reach out to everyone with music” ~ Eric Liu.