June 14, 2016, it’s sunshine after raining, and the air is particularly fresh. In the afternoon, Mr. Steve Ting, chairman of Shin Shin, visited Yi An Shin Shin Central Primary School, accompanied with Mr. Hu, director of the Province Foreign Affairs Office, Mr. Zhao, the Municipal Education Commission, Mr. Sun, principal of Zhitian Zhen, and Mr. Wang, director of the Zhitian Teaching and Research Center.

In the visit, Steve interacted with children, talked with them in English, sang “head shoulders knees and toes” with lovely children, and brought gifts to them. After that they had a meeting with teachers who participated in Shin Shin’s trainings. Mr. Zhou Weidong, principal of this school, briefed introduced the school-running philosophy, faculty, campus construction, teacher training, left-behind children, honors and other aspects of the school. Steve affirmed the achievements made by the school in recent years, and asked what problems the school had to solve and other issues. Mr. Zhou replied, and expressed his sincere gratitude to Shin Shin for its support over the years. He hoped that Shin Shin would continue to support the school development. Steve said that as long as it is conducive to school development projects, Shin Shin will give the necessary funding. All the visitors also had a field study on the donated school.

(This document comes from Gongyi City Zhitian Zhen Yi An Shin Shin Center Primary School)